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The Committee on Representation is responsible for presenting to Presbytery nominations of those persons who are to be elected to serve on the agencies of Presbytery and commissioners to General Assembly and Synod. This committee also receives resignations and fills vacancies of agencies between meetings of Presbytery, and acts on representatives of Presbytery to other ecclesiastical bodies, unless otherwise specified. The Committee insures that all persons have fair representation within the presbytery structure, according to The Book of Order. 



The Permanent Judicial Commission is organized and functions according to the Book of Order (D-5.000). 
The Commission is responsible for any trials, judicial or remedial, which may arise within the Presbytery. The Permanent Judicial Commission is composed of 9 members elected at large in an equal number of ordained ministers and elders as nearly as possible. The Stated Clerk and Moderator of Presbytery are empowered to form investigative committees as needed. 

Business Affairs

Class of 2018

Ms. Dana Stinson

Mr. Mike Dumas

Class of 2019

Mr. Shelby Guilbert

Mr. John Ed Watkins

Mr. Danny Logan

Congregational & Pastoral Care

Class to 2018

Mr. Ed Evans

Mrs. Mary Bethel

Rev. Sara Anne Berger

Mrs. Barbara Callaway - Moderator

Rev. Beth Sentell

Class of 2019

Mr. Martine Boumtje

Dr. Chris Currie

Rev. Kathleen Hignight

Ms. Cynthia Steele

Ms. Sandra Watson

Ecclesiastical Business

Class of 2018

Class of 2019

Recruitment & Representation

Class of 2018

Gordon Christy

Wayne Neuroth

Class of 2019

Karen Logan

Edith Hill

Rev. John Albright

Permanent Judicial Commission

Class of 2016

Mrs. Betty Jo Hays

Mr. Emon Mahony

Rev. Bryan McDowell

Class of 2018

Rev. Dr. Susan Arnold

Mr. Elton Richey


Class of 2020

Ms. Julie Blewer

Rev. Alford Branch

Rev. Jim Van Hook

Vision & Mission

Class of 2018

Mrs. Donna Rose

Mrs. Martha Braillier

Rev. Julia Nance Farrell

Rev. Alford Branch

Rev. Harry Cooper


Class of 2019

Rev. Jason Leonard

Rev. Seth Saathoff

Rev. Dr. Jim Freeman

Rev. Dr. Jungsuk Seo



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